Monday, November 10, 2008

Bayou Boxes!

What is a Bayou Box?

The LouisianArtisans team is kicking off the holiday season with promotional "Bayou Boxes." Louisiana Etsians have contributed a variety of promotional items -- including jewelry, kids items and more -- to be included in a series of Bayou Boxes. Which items a buyer receives will be a surprise!

This is the LouisianArtisans team's first big project. All proceeds raised by the Bayou Boxes will go towards Louisiana's coastal restoration – which helps protect Louisiana against hurricane damage. Starting on November 4th, you can purchase your Bayou Box by clicking here:

Our first Bayou Box recently sold and here's what the buyer had to say:

" I received my Bayou Box today and first of all I was very impressed with the packaging of the product! Secondly, everything in my Bayou Box is super cute & I will definitely be ordering from all of the shops listed for the LArtisans Team! My daughter & I fought over who got to keep what! :)Thanks so much for the fast delivery & the wonderful gifts inside!! :) "

Tell your friends about the Bayou Boxes. It's a wonderful way to support Louisiana artists and contribute to a very worthy cause.


AccentEnvy said...

All of the stuff in the Bayou Box is so cute. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Lisa R said...

It really looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

I just got my Etsy News e-mail and the Bayou Box was mentioned...big write up! YEA Unfortunately all 4 items were already sold. Let me know when you have some more for sale. At first I thought "Yea, something from where I'm from!" hehe I'm from the Bayou in Alabama ;-))

Amber Leilani said...

awesome! i am glad they are doing so well and getting such great publicity! maybe next time i can actually remember to ship you my contributions! aiiigh!

Lisa R said...

Hi whaawhoo, we currently have another Bayou Box listed. I'll send you the link. In the meantime, be sure to check the LouisianArtisans Team Shop on Etsy for more:

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