Monday, October 13, 2008

Hello, Portal! Goodbye, Google Group (eventually).

As I'm sure you've all read in the email from our President (Jessica of AccentEnvy), we are transitioning away from the Google Group site ...

While anything new has a learning curve, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with all of the features and ease-of-use with the new site.

Says Jess in her email, "Great Features of the New Group:

  • Organized Forums - Looking for something in particular is not a problem any more. There is a forum for almost everything you may need. If there isn't, there can be.

  • Chat - Yep. I said chat. There is an area that you can talk to anyone else online at any time.

  • Portal - The intro section on the Forum gives you the latest details of what's up in the forums.

  • Committees and Local Groups - Have their own area to use to their advantage.

  • Private Messages - You can contact anyone in our group without needing their email info or Etsy username.

  • Mass Email - I can send out mass emails without my host shutting me down for the day.

  • Ease of Use - Once you become familiar with it. It is much easier and friendlier to use. "

Google Groups won't be eliminated immediately, but please, please do NOT count on it to be your source for important, late-breaking info. Give the new Portal a try...

Once you create a login account, an email will automatically be sent to Jessica, who will then grant you access to the site.

Looking forward to seeing you on the Portal!


AccentEnvy said...

Great post! Thanks.

Lisa R said...

Hey, you wrote half of it. ;-) (I borrowed from your email).

But thanks....

Amber Leilani said...

i love the new portal.
much easier!

Lisa R said...

It is great, isn't it, amberleilani?

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