Monday, January 5, 2009

Long Time, No See....

Welcome back to our blog! My apologies for the huge gap in posting. Right after Thanksgiving my computer was infected by a nasty trojan that slowed my p.c. to a snail's pace.

Remember the good old days pre-highspeed DSL? The days of dialup internet connection? Going back even further to the late 80s - remember when the 'fast' modem was 12kbps? Ah, the good old days. And still better than my computer's performance in December.

After fighting Virtumonde (trojan) for the better part of a month, I admitted defeat, wiped my hard drive and restored my p.c. back to it's just-out-of-the-box (2004) state. A hundred or so Windows updates later, I'm back up to speed. I also invested in a second computer, which my household of 4 students sorely needs.

Over the next couple of days, I'll be updating our shop list on the side bar to include our newer members (welcome to the team!).

Next up: watch the portal site where I'll post an invitaion to join the Blog Committee (okay, it's a cry for help, really....)

Here's wishing everyone a happy, successful 2009!


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